Kasarmikatu 21 will be a functional, eco-friendly prime property in the heart of Helsinki


Invigorating the city centre

Surrounded by residential buildings and government agencies, Kasarmitori Square has been a dormant quarter of downtown Helsinki in recent decades.This revolutionary new business building will now give a fresh lease of life to the square and its surrounding environment.

  • A 16,000 square metre prime construction in natural stone
  • 7+2 floors
  • Spacious and adaptable modern office and commercial premises
  • Site development by HGR Property Partners, Ahlström Capital and YIT


A natural stone design for lasting use, providing modern working facilities for more than one thousand people.

A high quality stone building

Kasarmikatu 21 will apply modern technology in a design that respects the heritage and surroundings of the site. The 1960s government building currently occupying the site has been taken down and will now make way for this new construction in natural stone.

This prefabricated brass façade complex originally replaced an old stone building on the twin sites at Kasarmikatu 21 and Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu 9 that was demolished in the 1960s. It will now be replaced in turn by a high quality office building designed to sit naturally together with other prime properties on the square.

The general appearance of the façade will be light and restrained, with predominant use of natural stone, timber and glass both outdoors and inside. In contrast with other stone buildings in the city centre, Kasarmikatu 21 has been designed for office accommodation, as will be evident from such factors as spaciousness and ease of remodelling.

Flexible space solutions

The new office building will provide top quality, spacious working premises for a total of one thousand employees. A ground plan covering the entire site will allow the premises to be reconfigured with great flexibility, and it will also be possible for several users to share floors where necessary.

Some example premises have been designed for the building on the assumption of operations with just 10 square metres per person compared to a general average of about 25 square metres.

Premises may be open, encompassing the entire floor with no partition walls, or divided into individual rooms. Both modes of use are available, but elegant structural solutions conceal elements of building technology even when the entire space is completely unobstructed.

On the outside and inside

Only tried and tested, durable, high quality materials have been selected for the Kasarmikatu 21 office building. The pale limestone preferred for high standard construction in Europe will blend in smoothly with impressive glass surfaces of the façade.

This light stone appearance will also continue into the interiors, where it will combine with high quality, beautifully ageing oak timber. The stone material selected for the floors of lift lobbies and other public interiors is durable and creates a consistent and elegant milieu, while a large light well in the middle of the building will provide natural illumination and an enhanced feeling of space.

A high-class restaurant at street level will cater to office staff and clients in the building during the working day.

Ecological and sustainable

The best available materials, construction methods and building technology have been selected for Kasarmikatu 21, with careful consideration provided to environmental aspects and the prospects for immediately securing the highest platinum level LEED environmental rating (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Issued by the US Green Building Council, LEED certification is based on an independent assessment of the environmental features of premises, a building, or a construction project. The building must meet certain standards for such aspects as sustainable location and consumption of energy, water and materials throughout its life cycle. (Source: Green Building Council Finland)


Follow the progress of the property demolition live

A huge pile of iron and rubble will be all that remains after the demolition of a 1960's office complex in downtown Helsinki.

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There is more to this office building on Kasarmitori Square in downtown Helsinki than bricks and mortar.

Further details of the project



Kasarmitori Square has served as a versatile venue over the last century, accommodating everything from military parades to dance events for young people in the 1960s and 70s.

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The modern building has a unique location; it´s a very rare occasion to be able to build a new construction into Helsinki CBD.

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The Kasarmikatu 21 development is a joint undertaking of the venture capital and real estate investment specialists Ahlström Capital, HGR Property Partners and YIT.

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