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16 000 m2

The Kasarmikatu 21 development is a joint undertaking of the well-known direct venture capital and real estate investment, property development and building specialists Ahlström Capital, HGR Property Partners and YIT.


Ahlström Capital

Ahlström Capital is a private investment company that primarily makes active direct equity investments in industrial enterprises. The company has also invested in real estate.

The combined turnover of enterprises in the Ahlström Capital portfolio is more than one billion euros, making it one of Finland’s largest private equity investors. The strengths of Ahlström Capital lie in its sound industrial expertise, long business heritage and substantial financial resources.

HGR Property Partners

HGR Property Partners is a Finnish real estate developer that invests in sites and projects located within the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The company develops real estate holdings together with venture capital investors. HGR takes charge of financing, developing and marketing projects, creating user solutions and managing projects.

The company has developed and leased some 60,000 square metres of premises in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area over the last decade. Partners of HGR include the City of Helsinki, YIT Corporation, Ahlström Capital and Sveafastigheter.


YIT is a construction industry frontrunner that creates a sustainable urban environment by constructing residences, commercial premises, infrastructure and local complexes. The company has more than a century of experience and a strong market position. YIT is Finland’s largest builder of residential housing, and is also one of the country’s largest providers of new business premises and infrastructure.

YIT develops innovative concepts for commercial premises to meet the changing business needs of customers, taking advantage of the opportunities that emerge from evolving urban structures. The company seeks to enhance quality and customer experiences, and also to continually provide consumers with new and innovative housing solutions.

Its success is principally based on skilled staff and continuously improving expertise.



There is more to this office building on Kasarmitori Square in downtown Helsinki than bricks and mortar.

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Kasarmitori Square has served as a versatile venue over the last century, accommodating everything from military parades to dance events for young people in the 1960s and 70s.

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The modern building has a unique location; it´s a very rare occasion to be able to build a new construction into Helsinki CBD.

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The Kasarmikatu 21 development is a joint undertaking of the venture capital and real estate investment specialists Ahlström Capital, HGR Property Partners and YIT.

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