16 000 m2

Beyond the bricks and mortar of this office building on Kasarmitori Square in downtown Helsinki lies the greater idea of a high quality building that will stand the test of time, sustaining the pride of future generations of city residents.


The key objective of the project is to create a setting where businesses and their customers can enjoy the finest services.

The site was originally used for a two-storey stone house designed by the noted architect C. L. Engel and built in the 1830s. This building was demolished in the reforming era of the 1960s to make way for a pale grey local government office building designed for Helsinki Public Works Department. A dark brass fa├žade was added a few years later.

A prime property in a distinguished setting

The building at Kasarmikatu 21 will now join a series of high quality local redevelopments undertaken in recent years. A prominent nearby hotel development project and other changes have already enhanced the desirability of this city square location formerly given over to public administration, and this latest stone building will constitute an important further stage in the evolution of the area.

The new building has been designed to provide technical functionality while respecting the architectural values of the surroundings, with materials selected for timelessness and durability as a genuine natural stone building once again graces the site.

The finest services

The impetus for this unique downtown redevelopment project was a need for new premises to accommodate the chambers of the leading law firm Roschier, Attorneys Ltd. This innovative office development in the heart of the city has been a subject of interest ever since the decision was taken to build.

The key objective of the project is to create a setting that provides the finest services to businesses operating in the building and to their customers. This requires efficient working conditions for employees of those businesses, coupled with well-designed facilities and services that meet the needs of a successful modern workplace and demanding professional occupations.

Achieving these goals for the building will call for a high standard of technology and strict quality standards for materials. It has also required some innovative architectural thinking. The overall idea is to respect the constraints of urban planning and the immediate surroundings, and to accommodate contemporary environmental values and ecological thinking when implementing building technology solutions.


Work and premises

The completed building at Kasarmikatu 21 will provide a working environment for about one thousand employees. The construction process itself will employ more than five hundred design and building professionals. This will make the 2017 construction of the Kasarmitori Square office building one of the most important redevelopment projects undertaken in downtown Helsinki in recent years.

A public administration building at the end of its life cycle will be replaced with a high standard modern stone building that respects the environment and heritage of the city while serving the business community and residents of the area.



There is more to this office building on Kasarmitori Square in downtown Helsinki than bricks and mortar.

Further details of the project



Kasarmitori Square has served as a versatile venue over the last century, accommodating everything from military parades to dance events for young people in the 1960s and 70s.

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The modern building has a unique location; it´s a very rare occasion to be able to build a new construction into Helsinki CBD.

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The Kasarmikatu 21 development is a joint undertaking of the venture capital and real estate investment specialists Ahlström Capital, HGR Property Partners and YIT.

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