Roschier law firm, Danske Bank and Taaleri wealth management are the main tenants at Kasarmikatu 21. The founders of Juuri restaurant are in charge of the restaurant services.

Kasarmikatu 21 sisätilat havainnekuva

Roschier, a leading law firm in the Nordic region with over 200 legal experts in Finland

High-quality service

Roschier specialises in demanding business legal consultation and has featured in the majority of Nordic corporate acquisitions and restructurings in recent years. The company is also well known outside the Nordic region for its extensive experience in demanding international assignments.

Roschier has three offices across Finland and Sweden and around 350 experts to serve its clients. In addition to its first-class legal expertise Roschier has also been praised for its client-orientated way of working. High quality and functional areas from both the customer’s and employee’s point of view are an important part of the company's service.


The new office location at Kasarmikatu 21 reflects Roschier’s service and team-work culture. The building’s unique location in the Helsinki city centre is important for Roschier.

Environmental awareness is part of the modern and functional planning of the space. The property on Kasarmikatu 21 is being built according to the requirements of LEED environmental certificate in platinum, which supports Roschier’s ISO 14001 -standard based environmental programs.

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Pioneering Spaces

Roschier has been involved with the planning of the new premises from the beginning and weighed heavily in the choice of the new business building. Roschier is seen as a pioneer in the legal world and they want the same image reflected it its business premises. The latest technology available on Kasarmikatu 21 enables Roschier to develop their business activities and provides them with customised and flexible work and meeting spaces.


Danske Bank and Taaler Wealth Management to offer financial services in an optimal setting

Danske Bank chose centrally located modern, stylish and secure premises

Danske Bank wanted to reorganise its premises, in a move to relocate divisions onto the same site. The new premises needed to satisfy the Danske Bank’s requirements of containing high developed technical features, secure and adaptable premises.

The modern, stylish and centrally located Kasarmikatu 21 office building met the high expectations of Danske Bank.

Financial Group Taaleri want to serve their clients in modern and adaptable premises

Taaleri’s growing organisation of experts were in need of a modern and functional office space that flexibly supported the growth of the organisation. They wanted to operate in high-value real estate in the centre of Helsinki, in facilities that provide an optimal setting for its exacting clientele.

The adaptability of the premises at Kasarmikatu 21 enabled the 160 employees of Taaleri, to move to the facilities located on one floor.

Private equity company Sentica supports Finnish small and mid-sized companies

Sentica is an independent private equity company focusing on investing in and developing small and mid-sized companies. Sentica´s team of 16 experts team up with entrepreneurs and executive boards of the target companies. Sentica was in need of functional and modern office space suitable for team work; facilities that provide an optimal setting both for Sentica´s employees and its stakeholders. The centrally located Kasarmikatu 21 office building superbly meets the expectations of Sentica and its stakeholders.

Juuri Restaurant

Timeless and stylish food services provided by the founders of Juuri restaurant

Two restaurants, a café and salad bar

There will be a highly rated lunch restaurant, Pihka, on the ground floor of the office building, which will also be open to the public. At lunchtime, delicious lunches made with the finest raw materials are lovingly made and served true to the foundations of Juuri’s restaurant business. The elegant milieu may easily be modified for evening events and celebrations. An associated café and salad bar are included alongside the lunch restaurant.

Another restaurant will operate on the Kasarmitori square side of the building, where the restaurateurs are planning a bistro style urban restaurant to serve both lunchtime and evening diners in the same spirit.

Sisu Pesu and Nomart bring premium services to Kasarmikatu 21

Sisu Pesu offers manually produced car wash services

Sisu Pesu is a Finnish car wash company specialized in exterior and interior cleaning. Sisu Pesu is strongly investing in premium quality and customer satisfaction. Sisu Pesu offers the tenants of Kasarmikatu 21 ecological, manually produced car wash services.

Nomart found premises at the street level for a nontraditional furniture shop and showroom

Nomart is a company specialized in importing and marketing of office interiors and offers customers premium Scandinavian design furniture. Nomart will be serving customers at the street level of Kasarmikatu 21, in high-value premises containing both a furniture shop and a showroom. The specialty of these new premises is the high glass walls opening to the atrium and bringing pleasant natural light into the shop. There are two entrances to the Nomart shop, one from Kasarmikatu and the other one from Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu.



Helsingin keskustaan Kasarmitorin laidalle kohoavan toimistorakennuksen taustalla on kiveä ja laastia laajempi ajatus.

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Kasarmitori on nähnyt elämää viime vuosisadan alun sotilasparaateista aina 60-70 -lukujen nuorison tanssitapahtumiin.

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Moderni rakennus on ainutlaatuinen myös sijainniltaan; Helsingin ydinkeskustaan pääsee hyvin harvoin rakentamaan kokonaan uutta.

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Kasarmikatu 21:n rakennuttavat yhdessä pääoma- ja kiinteistösijoituksiin erikoistuneet Ahlström Capital, HGR Property Partners ja YIT.

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